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Get into an intense battle by downloading Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the top-rated intense online game developed by Epic Games. It was released int the year 2017, and it has got three versions too.

If you want to play a survival and battle royale kind of game, then Fortnite is the best game for you. After it got released in the year 2017, it has cached the attention of many gamers, and all gamers usually want to play the game in a good way. The game is designed in such a way that it supports many platforms too.

Platforms supported in-game

As the game is released back in the year 2017, still it is being supported on most of the platforms. The platforms on which you all can play are mentioned below.




Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4.

Xbox One.


Features of the game

If you are trying to play the game, then before starting the game, you need to make sure about to know about the feature of the game.

Save the World

If you are going to try this mode, then you can know that this game comes with the player versus environment mode. Here nearly about, four players will cooperate to achieve a common objective. Here a player needs to collect resources, save all the survivors, and also will defend equipment too.

Battle Royale

In this mode, a player will jump with 99 other players on an island. On the landing there, the player needs to search for different weapons and guns and need to fight with the rest of the enemies as well to survive. The player who survives till last will be declared as the winner in the game.

Fortnite creative

Here, in the mode, a player gets full freedom by which it can create anything present in mind. It may include the battle arenas, racecourses, and other things, as well.

These are the top 3 features that you can go for while playing the game.

How to install the game?

For Android

If you want to get this game on mobile, then open the Google play store.

Then you need to go to the search option present in there and search the game.

Then you need to visit the game and click on the download button.

For iOS

To download the game to your Apple iPhone, you can go to the Apple store.

There search for the game, and then you can find the game.

You can click on the game and download it to the mobile.

Want to uninstall the game, then you can drag the game icon from screen to uninstall it or can do it by going to store and there in the game profile click on uninstall option.

Additional things required for game

When you installed the game and open the game, you can see that it will ask you to login on any social media account. It is because, with that, your progress in the game will get saved, and you can access the game from anywhere and on any device by logging in the mobile with your account.

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