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  • 2019, 12, 18
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Minecraft is the game where players build the things out of the blocks. This game is based on the cubes where each cube can be stored, destroyed and can be placed down anywhere the player wants. The map in the game generates many terrains having different environmental regions. Minecraft is the only game that can unleash the player’s creativity in an amazing way.  


  1. Game Mode – The game has three modes. First is Survival mode where players collect the resources, manage hunger, battle mobs and build structures. The second one is the hardcore mode where the game is over once the player dies. Last is the Creative mode where players get to use unlimited resources and let you destroy the blocks immediately while mining.  
  1. Inventory – The inventory menu has wood, coal, and stones which will allow you to build anything that you can think of.  Once you have unleashed the secrets of this game, you will be able to create interesting structures by letting your creativity go wild.  
  1. Excellent adaptation – As the game lets you build anything you want, it boosts the interest of the player. Since the game has many setting options, the player gets a unique experience while playing. 

Supported platforms  

Minecraft supports various platforms, and all are more or less the same; however, some are more limited to others. Let’s have a look at the various platforms Minecraft is available on: 

  1. Computer Versions – Computer versions of the Minecraft is most updated and easy to use. All the updates of the game are firstly implemented into computer version.  
  1. Console – Some people like to play Minecraft the old style. The console edition of the game has similar features like its computer version. The only difference that it has when compared to its computer version is its world size. On XBOX 360 and Play station the worlds of the game are confined to 864×864. Similarly, on play station 4 and XBOX one the worlds are limited to 2500×2500 block map. On the other hand, its computer version doesn’t have any limits 
  1. Minecraft: Mobile edition – Minecraft mobile edition is released on multiple platforms like Android, Fire OS, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and iOS. The best part of this pocket edition is its price. The game comes with a price of $6.99. It is one of the most affordable versions of this game. However, it has limited options when it comes to settings. The mobile edition of Minecraft is best for the people who like gaming-on-the-go.  


Now that Minecraft is available on android and iOS, you can easily install it from Google and Apple play store. The game is not free; you need to pay a little amount to get access to the game.  


Uninstalling the game from your phone is easy. Go to settings > application manager > search Minecraft there > Uninstall > Ok. 

Minecraft allows the player to explore the infinite world and create anything from the blocks. It is one of the best creative games that you can play on your mobile device.  

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